Art acceptance to the de Young Open 2023

My recent oil painting was accepted to this year’s The de Young 2023 Open! Thank you for attending and your gracious support of my work. 

Taking Measure - Plein Air Studies India Ink & Water Color, Detailed Studies of Unique Builidings for Posterity, w Mood, Spanning Covid

Jazz & Addiction Charcoal Studies Leading to Oil Paintings

Jazz & Addiction Oil Paintings

This art was inspired by the impact that brilliant and often extremely conflicted and complex artists might have on spouses, significant others, those around them, when mired by substance abuse and addiction. The many musicians who are indoctrinated and confounded by this within the commercial world have resounding impacts to their personal communities as to us, often leaving everyone only a portion amount of their genius. A tromp l'oiel style was invoked to see the artists without the stresses, as we'd wish to see them.

Clowns & Strong'men' A Study of Vintage Satirical Influence on Societal Myths '17/18

Performers A Series of Abstract-Realism Vintage Performers in Oil Medium

Original Ink Sketches, Leading to the Performers Oil Paintings

The concept originated as a study of the personalities of vintage performance artists from the late 1880’s through the 1920’s. The idea that this, largely immigrant group would put on a ‘face’ to transport the audience away from themselves and into the fantastic was a timeless theme we could empathize with and reflect upon.
One subject of the sketch series was changed and the beginning of a color mood was chosen for the paintings.
The size is 8″x10″ and the prices are from 250-400.00.

Graphite & Charcoal Portraits and Drawings

Cityscapes in Ink San Francisco sketch studies from 2013/14

Travels Across France '18