Our 5 Step Process to A Great Design

  • Let’s start by having a brief and friendly phone consultation.To assist our process, we’ll need some basic info. Answering a few questions ahead of time will be helpful:

    • What are my Design Needs?
    • What industry/field am I operating in and what are my goals?
    • Do I need a new brand identity, or am looking to update and redesign? 
    • How long have I had an identity, and what is it’s relative success when considering how much consistency to maintain, for audience retention in a new design?


  • We will begin doing some research, discovery, and ideation. Our understanding of the scope of the work will improve, to give you a range and estimate of cost and sense of time needed for both. There will be a development stage and technical stage of designing your brand. 

  • Concept development will lead us to various ideas, in which we test  for weight and effectiveness. We then proceed to develop several of the top concepts. Our strong academic training differentiates us from factory style art schools and self-taught illustrators. We differentiate by developing ‘inherent’ weight in our designs and do diligence to support the effectiveness of the designs. 

    An ‘Idea Book’ is a standard, to show the development, and so you can follow and observe the time spent on your brand identity.  

    We format to present the top three composites to you, along with some background, to demonstrate the purpose and logic among the design’s elements. Your feedback and consideration is given high priority, so we can choose the direction that works best for your business.  

  • Technical design time will be reassessed based on our growing understanding of the composites created, and then we’ll begin a process to create the technical designs.

    The design will proceed similarly to writing an essay; we will produce the design, and together we will discuss needed adjustments for three separate rounds of edits. We come back and discuss each, after additional time is spent. This is an industry standard-number of edits which allows for the reasonable number of adjustments to allow the design to take proper form.   

  • We put our finishing touches on your new design and aim to impress. 

    The design is finalized and formatted, for practical uses across use platforms. The  files are transferred to you and backed up with a CD/Flash drive for preservation and later uses, when you may need. 

    Our project will complete at this stage, and you are really going to love having a new design!